Valhalla Chronicles


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«Set in a stunning 3D environment, VALHALLA CHRONICLES immerses you in world of Nordic mythology and intense role-playing action. Choose from one of four heroes and embark on a treacherous quest of epic proportions.

Build your characters skill, expand your wealth and battle to become a true warrior as you unravel a tangled web of good versus evil.

Explore the world of Norse mythology, where giants, trolls and gods are your enemies or allies.Travel all over the world and beyond. Visit theland of the giants and gods in the outer realms of reality.

Meet the mighty Gods of Asgard. As a champion of Odin, your hero will be an important figure in the war between gods and giants. If you play wisely and skillfully you can prevent the ultimate apocalypse – Ragnarok.

# Collect the eight runes of power. Every rune has its own special magical power and together they can save or destroy the world.»


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