The Farm


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Barnespill med 3-års grense.

«An engaging farming simulation programme to stimulate the minds of young children.
If you have ever wanted to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor life of a farmer, now is your chance! Take over a farm and make it successful by ensuring that the animals are well cared for, your crops develop in your land and fields and then take your products to market to make your money.
Invest your income wisely to improve the status of the farm; you can cultivate various different crops to improve your income and employ extra workers if you can afford it. With good management you will earn enough to invest in the new equipment required to run a large scale farming business.

* Four diverse and highly-detailed 3D game worlds,
* Flora and fauna grow dependent on soil or animal care,
* Five levels of difficulty
* Non-linear gameplay,
* Bonus – includes an integrated game of Othello.

System requirements: Windows 98SE or later – at least 1.8 GHz CPU – minimum 256 MB ram – minimum 400 MB free hard drive space – minimum GeForce-4 graphics card with at least 128 MB Vram.»


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